Big Oak has experienced teaching professionals and lesson programs to help you perfect your game. Choose the program that’s right for you – from Private Lessons or our popular Big Oak Golf Academy, to our Junior Golf Academy to help interest our youth in this wonderful game.


  • $60.00 per half hour

  • $50.00 per half hour (October 1st- March 31st)

  • $110.00 per hour

  • Lesson Bonus Card $360.00 for 6 lesson, Free 7th lesson also receive a free medium bucket for each lesson.


  • $449.99 6-Half Hour Private Golf Lessons & 6-Half Hour Launch Monitor Simulator Sessions. Receive 1-Half Hour Private Golf Lessons & 1-Half Hour Launch Monitor Simulator Sessions FREE! 

  • $299.99 6-Half Hour Private Golf Lessons. Receive 1-Half Hour Private Golf Lessons FREE! (October 1st- March 31st)

  •  $75.00 1-Half Hour Private Golf Lesson & 1-Half Hour Launch Monitor Simulator Session


Rob Kohler
More than 30 years of

teaching experience.

John Rose
More than 25 years of

teaching experience.

PGA Teaching


Bill Walsh
More than 40 years of

teaching experience.


When: Monday & Wednesday evenings – two consecutive weeks

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Cost: $120 per student, approximately 8 students per group

Date: First session for 2021 starts April 26th

Program Includes:

  • 4-one hour classes 

  • Supervised FREE Saturday practice session 5-6 p.m. (a $30.00 value)

  • FREE fitted glove ($9.00 value)

  • FREE range passes ($18.00 value)

  • We recommend that beginners do not purchase clubs until their personal fitting is completed.

  • To register or for more information, contact us at 585-586-0614

  • Class coverage:  Grip position, stance and set-up, alignment, pre-shot routine, practice drills and basic course management. A simple application of the “rules of golf” will be covered.

  • Equipment analysis & club fitting:  What is the best for you? An equipment profile will be kept on file for each student.

  • Orchestration of golf club set:  What is in your bag? We will create the combination of clubs most suitable for your style of play.

  • Interim assistance:  NEED HELP? Saturday afternoons will be a time set aside for organized practice with your instructors. Rain-dates will be held on Saturday afternoons as well.

  • Robs Goals:  Understanding of your pre-shot routine in detail, proper swing thoughts, efficient practice methods. This will help your confidence to take this knowledge to the golf course.



  • The Junior Golf Academy is held on Saturday’s Starting in April 2021. Clubs are provided for those in need.

  • Purchase a medium bucket and receive a free group lesson. Every Saturday there will be a new topic for the students to learn. Please call us to reserve a spot.

  • Class Times: Saturday from 11:00am - 12:00pm


To register or for more information, contact us at 585-586-0614


When: July & August held Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm

Cost:   $60.00 per student, 6-8 students per class

Date:   Monday, July 5th 2021 start


Program includes: 4-one hour classes, daily prizes awarded for competitions, divot tool, and a ball marker. 

Program covers all parts of the game, some basic rules and etiquette.

(585) 586-0614

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